Conditions Of Purchase

How Much Will A Friesian Cost Me?

This is like asking, "How long is a piece of string?" Prices of Friesian horses vary widely, depending on their age, breeding, gender, quality & level of training. You will have to pay a premium if you want a good quality Friesian, there is no such thing as a ‘cheap’ Friesian. If you are contemplating buying a Friesian horse you must of course take into consideration your budget. To buy a ‘cheap Friesian’ is something you will sooner or later regret because there is no-one who sells a Friesian cheaply unless there is something wrong with it.

Learn how to understand the papers, get a full vet’s certificate, X-Rays. If your budget is strained, wait a year until you have saved the necessary funds to ensure you buy the right horse or buy a younger horse so long as you are prepared to train it. 

If you are seriously interested in purchasing a horse from me I ask that in the first instance you come and see my own horses at Toad Hall in East Sussex. I will then discuss your requirements, find out your riding capabilities, what you would like to do with your horse, whether purely hacking, showing or dressage from Prelim to Grand Prix. I will then find a number of horses which I feel will be suitable for you.